Three musicians. One projector.

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NILS BERG CINEMSCOPE’s new album Searching For Amazing Talent From Punjab out now!

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Nils Berg finds a Sufi mystic online, releases a record, and goes to India. In that order.

“One tree is not a forest, just as one human isn’t humanity.” That’s the summary of what Balwinder Singh Laddi improvises with his beautiful voice as he self-confidently, in his handsome turban, strolls along a dirt road through the lush landscape of Punjab, India. He sings and gestures before the phone’s camera and doesn’t notice he’s almost run over. The person behind the camera laughs with delight, and the picture jumps. The clip is posted on YouTube, of course, and becomes a local hit. Next winter, the Swedish group Nils Berg Cinemascope will go on an expedition to Punjab to find him. You wonder why?

Sometime around 2009, Nils Berg came up with the idea of making music from, and playing together with, video clips of musicians and singers from different parts of the world. The project sprang from a wish of putting together a bigger band than he could afford, and resulted in fascination with how he and his fellow musicians could actually bring together seemingly odd clips and form a new whole.

The clip with Balwinder is like speed to the imagination and the inspiration. Nils happened upon it several years ago and since then it’s been biding its time. Who is he? What’s he singing about? The translation comes from the exuberant manager of a food truck in Telefonplan, Stockholm (by the way, he makes southern Stockholm’s best biryani), and after further detective work the turban-sporting singer is now located to a village in Indian Punjab. In January, in a project funded by Statens musikverk (Swedish Performing Arts Agency), the trio sets out to find him, and to see whether musical integration works just as well IRL as on vinyl…

On October 28, ”Searching for Amazing Talent From Punjab” is released in an edition of 300 LPs. On the album, which was recorded with live audience in Stockholm last January, we can, apart from the encounter with Balwinder, participate in a French harp course and hear a Romany woman from the Stockholm street scene, among other things. Cover by Jockum Nordström.

Last year, Nils Berg received the Composer of the Year Award at Swedish public radio’s Jazzkatten ceremony. Since Nils Berg Cinemascope was formed in 2009, they have released one film and three records, toured around Europe, USA and Canada, and given performances in Japan, Algeria and on Cuba. During 2016 and 2017, Nils Berg Cinemascope are artists in residence at Västerås Concert Hall.

Christopher Cantillo – drums
Josef Kallerdahl – bass
Nils Berg – reeds/computer

Click on the picture to download hi-res press image. Please credit photographer Miki Anagrius.