Three musicians. One projector.


Wihoo – I’m in the airport in M√ľnich waiting for my flight back home to Stockholm. India has been maxed and relaxed, my mind is spinning a bit when thinking about all the beautiful people we got to meet in Punjab, the land of the five rivers. It’s a blessing to be able to do a trip like this, a trip that started by chance some years ago when clicking on a YouTube link with the title “Amazing Talent From Punjab”. I get goosebumps when thinking about that we actually got to spend time together with Laddi. He’s a friend now, a dear friend. Even though we can’t really speak to each other. Next time around I have to get some basic Punjabi vocabulary into my system.

Here’s a little moment from Balwinder Singh Laddi’s headquarters, we’re listening to wonderfully spaced out vocal Punjabi dub music, more improvisations from master Singh. That I didn’t really see coming… This clip makes me want to steer the next flight right back to Delhi.