Three musicians. One projector.


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Nils Berg Cinemascope is a swedish jazz trio, basing their music and performances around a movie projector. Some of the members are: a balafon master from Accra, giggling teenagers from Brunei, a shy Japanese lady and her flute, and an Indian dance group with rock hard feet.

How did this happen? A bunch of YouTube clips from all over the world got Nils started with this stunning project. The video clips have been thoroughly chopped, grinded and baked into new music. When the band performs, reed player Nils Berg is accompanied by drummer Christopher Cantillo and bassist Josef Kallerdahl on stage. Alongside the band is a film screen showing the far-away-guests, who are seen, heard and incorporated into the live music. A new quartet for each song.

Berg is one of the most influential voices in Nordic jazz. With his quartet, The Stoner, he has made a name for himself both in Sweden and internationally, and in 2007 he received the prestigious Jazz-in-Sweden-award. 2015 he was awarded the prize, jazzkatten, in the category Composer of the Year, by the swedish radio. Christopher Cantillo has been working with artists ranging from Daniel Johnston and Sir Was to Tobias Delius and Kristin Amparo. And Josef Kallerdahl, co-founder of swedish jazz label Hoob Records, leads his own quartet “Here’s To Us”, alongside performances with Lina Nyberg, Music music music and Josef & Erika.

In april 2011 their debut CD Popmotion was released on Hoob Records. Since then they have toured Scandinavia, the U.S., Canada, Europe, Algiers and Japan. Vocals, the second CD and first movie by the band, was released in 2013. In 2016 Nils Berg Cinemascope released their third album “Searching For Amazing Talent From Punjab”.

In 2018 Nils Berg Cinemascope premiered their second film at the Göteborg Film Festival. The movie is called Dina Grannar and is a 45 minutes long poetic music documentary featuring the citizens of the city of Västerås, outside Stockholm. There’s also a live version of the movie where Nils Berg and his fellow musicians play the soundtrack live at a screening. See the trailer here —>