Three musicians. One projector.



“Javadi” from our release concert at Jazz Club Fasching in Stockholm May 22, 2019. With Johan Graden and Josefin Runsteen guesting on the piano and percussion.

A moment from our release concert for “We Seem To Be Drifting Apart” in Gothenburg, May 2019

A live version of “Laddi Tells The Truth” performed in Bern, February 2018.

In October 2018 we visited the province of Aomori in Japan to work with the butoh dancer Shoichi Fukushi.

A couple of years ago I found this clip on YouTube, with the title “Amazing Talent From Punjab”. In the clip you see a guy strolling across an Indian country road. He’s singing, improvising

Teaser for our movie “Vocals” from 2013. The full movie can be found here —>

Trailer for “Dina Grannar” (Your Neighbors) a movie that premiered at Göteborg Film Festival in 2018. Dina Grannar is a musical documentary asking the question “What’s the sound of a city”. The movie is the result of an artis in residence project in Västerås, Sweden in 2017.

We love Japan! This is from a performance in a Buddhist temple in Tokyo in 2012. The guy playing the banjo calls himself Banjo Nick. Furusato is Japanese for “Home Sweet Home”.

From the preproduction of our movie Vocals. Something went wrong in the middle of the song, but we like it anyway.

In 2014 we were invited to work a week with a modern dance company in Havana. An amazing experience in so many ways. This is a mini documentary from that project.