Three musicians. One projector.


So – I’m out on an adventure. I’m spending a month in Vancouver as a startup thing for Konstnärsnämnden, the Swedish Grants Committee. From next year swedish composers and musicians will be able to apply for this residency grant, allowing them to soak up Vancouver for a month. And this fall I’m getting to be a test pilot for this thing.

Here’s one of the first musical things I’ve been up to. The culinary adventures are hard to dodge, it takes a great effort not to get too lost in Vancouver’s grand palette of asian food. But some days ago I had the privilige of joining the great cornetist, composer and cyclist Taylor Ho Bynum for an evening of both food and music. He’s doing this wild thing, biking and playing his way from Vancouver to Tijuana. I got to listen to him playing duo with one of Vancouver’s finest, clarinet virtuoso François Houle, and join them for a trio improv at chinatown gallery The Apartment. Check the music out at: