Three musicians. One projector.

Dina Grannar

(Your Neighbors)
45 minutes (2018)


What is the sound of a city? 

We met some neighbors when they were busy doing what they usually do – singing, dancing, talking and living. 

The music was composed afterwards, and the citizens have become a part of our orchestra. This is Your Neighbors. 

Directors comment: 

”With Dina Grannar (Your Neighbors) I wanted to explore how some unexpected encounters between residents of an ordinary Swedish city could be staged with music as some kind of creative glue. The film was created from a working method that Nils Berg Cinemascope has developed over a period of some years, that originates from an idea of creating something in between a traditional concert and a film screening, where the film along with its documentary soundtrack, interacts with live, composed and improvised music.”

Dina Grannar – full movie, english subs from Nils Berg Cinemascope on Vimeo.